The Herdringen music band

by Werner Schulte

Where do the Scots party? On New Year’s Eve on the long Princess Street in Edinburgh? Sure! Or after winning England in football in the worldwide­known Hampden Park Stadion in Glasgow? Yes, of course! But on 15th July 2011, the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow Reed Band from the land of kilts, checks and whisky, that is known in Sauerland through different concerts, also had fun on the “Schützenplatz” in Herdringen.

The musicians from Linlithgow, a city rich in traditions in the Scottish partner district of the Hochsauerlandkreis, visi­ted the beautiful Sauerland for the ffth time. The first Reed Band visit was in summer 1981, the year of the band’s 25th anniversary. Further Hochsauerland visits followed in 1985, 1989 and 2008. Here, the Reed Band played at the Herdringen Osterfeuer at a very cold temperature.

Unfortunately, it was only once that the Herdringen music band had the chance to know the beautiful Scottish landscape and the Scottish hospitality, which was in 1997. What the participants will not forget are the happenings at the Highland Games. Currently, we are planning another visit within the next two to three years.

In 2011, the musicians visited Sauerland from 8th to 18th July, together with family members and friends. The big 55-­people group stayed in the Landhotel Dietzel in Herdringen and drove out the spring­like cold weather. The youngest of the Scottish musicians was the 9-­year­old Peter Molloy from the youth orchestra, the oldest one the 80-­year­-old Eddie McKenna, one of the co­founders of the band.

The motto being a German­-Scottish evening, the Herdringen music band invited the Linlithgow Reed Band visitors for a Dämmerschoppen (sundowner). Densely packed and enjoying a lot of music from both bands, the visitors and friends of the partnership formed a real crowd in the yard of the local Schützenhalle. Even days after the event, the musicians were asked for an annual repetition of this event. It would be a very good opening of the well­known Schützenfest season  in the Hochsauerlandkreis.

And of course, with the great atmosphere, music played by both bands, under the trees of the very nicely designed Schützenhof, an original Scottish whisky was not to be missed. This traditional drink was offered to all visitors  together with a self­baked traditional Clottie Dumpling.  Until night, the Scottish and German musicians were  celebrating together with friends of the partnership from  the entire HSK and the many Dämmerschoppen visitors.

The world language of music, the notes that can be read in any country without language problems and that are naturally transformed into sound through the instruments – this is what brought both bands together. We like remembering  the piece “The Rose of Kelvingrove”.

Looking back at the Reed Band visit in Herdringen, that is a part of Arnsberg with over 4000 inhabitants, the Herdringen music band will play this piece of music at the next musical request programme on 24th march 2012. “We like remembering the visit and hope to be able to visit the Reed Band and the West Lothian region soon.”

For further information on the German-­Scottish evening, please visit the homepage of the music band and www.musikverein­