The Hochsauerlandkreis – West Lothian Partnership turns 40

by Dr. Karl Schneider, Hochsauerlandkreis District Administrator

Dr. Karl SchneiderThe partnership between the Hochsauerlandkreis and West Lothian has been a living bridge for the population of both districts for 40 years now. Many driving forces on both the German and the Scottish side have succeeded in bringing the people of both districts together. They took many initiatives, most especially in youth care, sports and culture. Many thanks for that in this place!

The partnership came into life in 1972, first between the Arnsberg District and the County  of West Lothian, and after area reforms on both sides between the legal successors, the Hochsauer landkreis and the West Lothian District. The friendship is especially supported  by the partnership unions West Lothian­Hochsauerlandkreis in Germany and the Twinning Association in Scotland that organize the annual visits by the help of committed members  and cultivate close friendships – just as the founders have wished 40 years ago.

Looking back, the partnership is a practiced international understanding that has given birth to many personal friendships with, no doubt, many others to come. People of all ages have taken advantage of the partnership to know the country and its people in Scotland and in Sauerland respectively. They have always been hosted in a cordial way and the tours have left unforgettable impressions and become incentives for many of these people to visit their friends again.

I am sure that this living friendship will also continue in the coming decades. The Hochsauer­landkreis will be happy to contribute to this. Together we will be able to fnd more and more new driving forces for this successful partnership by the help of the two very committed  partnership unions.